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Top 5 Blogging Sites 100% Free 2019 [Guarantee]

Blogging is the most popular source to share your ideas, thoughts, knowledge and whatever in your mind. In blogging you can share any type to information to others via internet, but question is how can you get or create a blog for sharing your information so today I will tell you about the top 5 blogging sites that will help you to create a superb blog and share your ideas, thoughts, information all over the world.

What you will learn in this artical?

  1. What is Blogging
  2. Some famous bloggers
  3. Top 5 free blogging sites
  4. My Recommended blogging sites

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an art in which single or multiple people in the world share their ideas, thoughts, knowledge, solution in the form of articles via internet. In blogging, you just need an internet connection and PC and you can share anything over the world. Also blogging will help you to earn a lot of money by sharing articles.

I will share a new article in which I will tell you how to earn money from blogging and how can you withdraw that money anytime & anywhere.

Top 5 Blogging Sites

These are the following blogging sites, my top favorite:

World No 1 and one of the most famous and reliable blogging platform is by Google. Blogspot is a product of Google for those people who want to share their knowledge or anything to other people in the world. It’s a free platform where you can create a free blog, apply a theme and done, you can now share your article. All you need to do one thing just sign in your google account if you have it, if you don’t have Google account then create one. After signing in all you have to do is write blogger on the google search result and click on top the given result, then click on create your blog button, select google account in which you want to create your blog, enter your display name and done.

You are in your Blogspot dashboard There is one more step you have to do is just click on create a new blog enter your website name and select your web user name, select themes given by default (You can change themes after selection of username) and click create a blog and done. You have your own blog on and now you can share anything to your target public.

In the current time the most growing and most authentic drag & drop website builder platform is helps you to create your desired website within few hours without writing any single line of code. You just need to drag your tool you want to enter like you want to add any heading, paragraph and any other thing you just drag the tool from the left side of Wix toolbox to desire a place where you want to show your results and done.

How you can get Wix account? you just need email account from any email service provider go to click on get started button enter your details and click on signup then you got verification email in your email account from Wix after verification you just need to select a username and default theme to work on and done your blog is live on google.

A most popular and famous blogging site is WordPress in the current time and covers 70% of blogging sites in the world. There are two types of WordPress exists in current time, no 1 is and

In the case of, you must have a proper domain name and hosting where you place your website in simple words you need to purchase domain hosting for, but there are a lot of benefits in I will discuss these benefits in upcoming articles.

In the case of, you can create a free account using any email service providers and your personal information. All you have to do this go to google and type then click on the first link then click signup and fill the given form and verify your identity using your email and done you have account, now you just need to create your blog provide your specific username select theme and press save button. is another and alternative blogging site of in the current time. The working of is similar as the only difference in both blogging sites is the difference of the tools.

In you just need to search on and open the first search result after entering on the website click on signup button and fill the form and verify your identity, after verification select username and theme and done now you have a blog on

For some past years, the most growing and userfriendly blogging site is provides you a platform where you can your share any news, updates or any other information for a short period of time. Actually site is totally based on trending activities.

In you can rank your article on google within 24 hours but only in one condition, your article is totally relevant to your article title and your content must be unique. It’s very simple to get a medium account all you have to do is search on google and open the first given link then click on signup fill out the form and verify yourself and done, now you can publish your first article.


If you are using any of mentioned blogging site for sharing articles and you are using free membership plan then blogging service provider uses their name after your username for example if your username is moviesrounder and currently you are using Blogspot platform for sharing your information then your complete domain name will be, and this rule applies on all listed blogging sites.

Final Words

I hope this article will help you choose the best blogging site for your content, if you have still any confusion in your mind then feel free to ask me in comment section, I will reply back as soon as possible, and one more thing please share this article with your friends on social and any other platform


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