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REGI ROBO Advance Robotic Checkout System

Window shopping and supermarkets have set a trend in all big cities of the world. The supermarket has considered the best place for goods and valuable things and it also saves time. However, after shopping from supermarket everyone should face an unnecessary row on the counter at the time of making the bill. It is a time-consuming process. It is expected to get rid of this problem soon. By analyzing all these problems the Japanese introduced a new robotic checkout system called Regi-Robo made by Panasonic. It is a short form of Register Robot. Panasonic collaborates with Lawson that is a convenience store in Osaka, Japan. In efforts to be the next-generation convenience store, it has adopted various demonstrations of experimental technology together with Panasonic to create a future for retail and distribution.

As a part of B2B2C industry, it is very important to this Regi-Robo demonstration to hear the opinions of customers who often come to store. For conducting demonstration experiments of new robotic checkout system they use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. RFID tags are thin and small electronic components that achieve short-distance wireless communication and each tag have a large amount of ID information. These tags are already being used in daily life, inside building passes and transportation card.

You should follow these steps while doing shopping.

Step 1: Pickup Regi-Robo Basket

Regi-Robo is entirely automated robotic checkout system. In order to use this checkout system you firstly pick up the Regi-Robo exclusive basket.

Step 2:  Scan the items

There is a barcode reader embedded in basket and you can scan items by using this barcode reader. Each item is affixed with RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tag and every item has its own RFID tag. This RFID tag is the key to this checkout system.

Step 3: Put the basket on the robotic checkout counter

Then we put the basket into the robotic checkout system counter. On the right side there is a touch screen panel where you can choose how you want to pay for your items. Then the bottom of the basket opens and items go down into a plastic bag which is waiting below the basket and allow RFID tags to be read again.

Step 4: Pay the bill on the touchscreen panel

The bottom of the basket closes and then basket is removed from the checkout system point.  The touch screen panel displays the list of all items that are in the basket and the total money which has to be paid. The customers have to select their payment method whether it is by cash or debit/credit card. Once the payment has been accepted by the system the items are raised up for the customer to take.

According to developers of Regi-Robo it is expected that it will reduce the checkout times by further 10 percent and hope to shorten shopping times and offer new experiences for customers. They believe that Panasonic will be the creator of platform that encompasses the entire supply chain. In the future they would like to contribute to a revolution in productivity in order to enhance the value of customer’s shopping experience.


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