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How To Install WordPress On Localhost In Just 4 Easy Steps [100% Working]

If you want to enter the world of WordPress and create themes and plugins in WordPress then the first challenge in your list is How to install WordPress on localhost or how to access WordPress on your PC.

Actually WordPress created in a server-based language like PHP that’s why you required a server to run WordPress, but you can’t purchase a server just only for the creation of themes and plugins because it is very expensive for you.

Don’t worry, because I also share the technique of how to convert your PC to a server and run WordPress on it.

STEP NO. 1 "Download and Install Localhost Software"

The first step in our list of “Install WordPress on localhost” is to download the localhost server where you install your WordPress app.

The most popular app in the current time is the Xampp server.

You can download this app by following the link given below.

After downloading xampp server you just need to install it on your computer.

So, right-click on the downloaded app click on “run as administrator” and click on next until the finish message.

After clicking on the finish button click on the Windows icon and search xampp and click on Control Panel.


You got a Cpanel box where you can activate or deactivate your server.

STEP NO. 2 "Download WordPress"

After installing xampp server the next step in our list is to download WordPress to your computer.

But, the question is where you can download it?

Don’t worry, I will tell you everything about it.

Just go to and type on it and after getting all search results click on web page.

After entering the webpage click on the “Get WordPress” button placed on the top right of web page.

It will redirect you to another webpage where you can find the download link.

Just click on ‘Download WordPress’ and download will be starting within a second.

After downloading, find your WordPress file in the Downloads folder and open it and extract it by using Winrar or any other zip extraction software.

After extraction, you get a folder named by WordPress in it, all you need to do is just copy that folder and go to:

C drive(any other drive where your windows installed)>xampp>htdocs

and past that folder in it.

STEP NO. 3 "Create A Database"

After setting up WordPress in Xampp local folder you just need to do some more steps to complete the process of installation.

In 3rd step, you need to create a database where you can store your data and access your data in the future and also you can change it.

Open the Xampp control panel and click on the admin button of MySQL option, and it redirects you to the PHPmyadmin page where you can create and manage your multiple databases.

Click on the new button and enter the name of the database whatever you want and click create database.

That’s it you create your own database and ready to setup WordPress on localhost.

STEP NO. 4 "Setup WordPress on Localhost"

In the last step, you just need to provide some information for the setup.

First, open a new tab and write “localhost/your folder name pasted in xampp folder” and press enter.

Select your language and press the continue button.

After getting the next screen click on the “Run Installation” button.

Now it’s time to fill some data about the database. In the first box enter the name of your database created in step no 3.Then enter username and your username is “root”.

In the password section just remove the password and leave it blank .and in the last box remove wp and also leave it blank and click continue button.

In the last screen just enter your login details like site title, login username, login password, and email address and enter save button. That’s it you have WordPress on localhost in just 4 steps, now you can run all WordPress themes and plugins and also create custom theme or plugins.


I hope these steps will help you to install WordPress on localhost.

Still, you have any questions in your mind then feel free to ask in the comment section, and please don’t forget to follow me on social networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram and others.


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    Very informative

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